We are a creative team of professionals passionate about every aspect of online marketing. We emphasize close collaboration and synergy with the client. Our services are characterized by measurability, transparency, and results-oriented focus.

Since 2016, we have been among the leading digital agencies in the Czech Republic and proudly hold the prestigious Google Partners certification. We execute both comprehensive performance and brand advertising campaigns. Whether it's large projects or smaller marketing campaigns, we always seek the best solutions for our clients' future.

Our primary goal is to continually establish new, high-quality collaborations and implement successful campaigns. We're not looking for hundreds of clients, but rather dozens of the very best.

We specialize in performance PPC, Display advertising, and Remarketing in Google and Seznam search and content networks. We also manage company profiles on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram including communication and customer support. Furthermore, we carry out SEO optimization, covering on-page/off-page factors of websites and their content management.

One of our key sectors is web development on the Drupal platform. Our team comprises a complete set of developers who ensure the entire process - from UX design, wireframes, design in Figma to the full construction of websites with the CMS Drupal 10. We specialize in comprehensive web solutions with custom administration, individual modules, advanced SEO management, and agile development. We also offer our clients regular monthly maintenance and development of their websites.

Our agency operates on family business values. We approach all clients as significant partners, familiarize ourselves thoroughly with their services, and genuinely care about their success and growth. We are a stable, reliable, and transparent provider of digital solutions.


I have been doing online marketing since 2004. I have been gathering experience for almost two decades, my dad and I started creating our first website in 2003. In 2005, I successfully implemented Google Adwords campaigns for our first clients, and in 2006, as the youngest, I became one of the first certified Google Adwords professionals in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

I currently run Abbreva, a great digital agency characterized by precision, senior team, innovation and automation. I focus on strategic planning and preparation of marketing strategies for our major clients. I am involved in the preparation of tender documents for the corporate section and the development of web presentations, extensive product catalogues and web portals.

I also focus on process automation and efficiency improvement, cross digital tools and platforms. I am an analytical, data and process type. I am not a creative.

I approach each project individually, using years of accumulated experience, and strive to provide clients with the most effective solutions that make sense. Consistency, meaning, real data and most importantly common sense are important to me.

I also have a great wife and two daughters, a great team of people at work, great clients, and I'm excited to share my passion in the digital world with you.

Bc. Michael Urban - Abbreva

 „Difficult roads can lead to beautiful places.“

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A stable, reliable and innovative digital services provider. Revolutionary full-service digital agency.

Great successfull campaigns you can see all around you. They help our clients grow, you find them dreamlike and we are proud of them.

A stable, reliable and innovative digital services provider. Revolutionary full-service digital agency.

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