We prepare individual web solutions including graphic design in publication systems Drupal and Wordpress. Our webs sell and present the service of lagre and small clients. We like clean modern pages according to UX standards.

Ppc adverstising

Immediate results, fast support or introduction of your product. Together we address the customer in the exact moment when he’s looking for what you’re offering. We ensure relevant results with corresponding growth of conversions.

Social networks

Quality content and correct setup of your corporate profile on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn is key for your product and brand. Together we will create campaign and content which will interest fans and customers.

Content marketing

Interesting texts and correctly structured content is another factor that influences strength and position of your brand on the internet. We create unique and relevant content which will make you stand out.

SEO services

Optimization of fulltext results in browsers is a long term and rigorous job not only on your sites. Correctly written web with interesting content, structure, unique PR articles and quality back links.

Graphic studio

We realize your graphic ideas and requests. We come up with unique web designs, advertisement brochure or successfull advertisement banners. We help with common graphic adjustments.



We uncover your strenghts and weaknesses. We analyze your target group and we prepare the neccessary segmentation. With us you will find out who your customers are and how to address them.

Virtual tours

Introduce your shop to your customers, show them the place where they can shop or browse through your products.

Promo video

We create the perfect video content for your web, YouTube channel or Facebook. We take care of the entire realization from the initial script, filming/editing and promotion on online channels. We have created for O2 arena, promotional videos for autosalons, event videos and animation on YouTube and Facebook.

The path to a successfull campaign

A successfull campaign is tailored to the customer. Just like in the real world you would visit a tailor if you wanted a quality suit made precisely for you. Why treat campaigns differently?

Our work always begins with a dialogue. We need to know your position and opinions in order to indentify with the campaign and accept it as our own, much like your customers later on. The proposal must reflect the Key Performance Indicators of the campaign. The execution is of course equally important. A suit that is beautiful but made in a rush is worthless if it’s ruined after one season. Therefore we deliver quality and long term work on campaigns.